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There are many stories on the web of people rising unexpectedly at the speed of light, Susan Boyle is one of them. My story is about poor Iraqi guy that his life changed forever.

Abbas is a funny talented singer who was so lucky. Abbas could be known by 50 people at the area where he lived but could be known by 500000 right  now!

You will definitely ask how? and the answer easily is social media. One man took a short video for him before few years and started email that video, the video spread the web specially the Iraqi network. Few months after that, the video on YouTube and Abbas now is a super star. I’m sure he was not a ware of all social media networks but at least he is smart enough to accept and perform in front all cameras.

Abbas is singing on Alsumaria TV

Abbas is acting now on #1 Iraqi channel – Alsharqiya TV

This is the shortcut towards a new life. Thank You Social Media!



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