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Football, the game that dominates the world.  Millions and millions of people playing Football every second, every hour and every day. Football is a common sport term in the world but in US, people knows football as soccer.

It is not easy at all to be #1 football player in the world, I always imagine a line of millions players standing behind the best player. In order to be  among top  footballers, you have to be recognized in your niche, club and national team.

I chose 3 players whose personal brands are wildly known and memorable. Many fans around the globe use them as a brand model and try to copy their tricks as the POWER of their personal brand as players created their personality as  persons.

1 – Christiano Ronaldo

C. Ronaldo is a Portuguese footballer, FIFA World Player of 2008 highest-paid player in the world, and currently holds the distinction of being the most expensive player in football history after having transferred to Real Madrid from Manchester United in a deal worth €94m (US$132m).

C. RonaldoPeople said it is impossible for C. Ronaldo to be like the legendary Brazilian footballer Ronaldo as the name implies. Only few years and Ronaldo branded his career as distinctive Ronaldo that anyone can recognize the difference between them.

C. Ronaldo use marvelous fast tricks, plays at both sides, scores with both legs, head, and known with his rocket free kicks. C. Ronaldo has all the requirements to stand out. He has unique personal brand and not a copy of anyone else.

2 – Rene Higuita

Historical Colombian goal keeper who made the fans waiting any game for him. He was not just a goal keeper, he was a defender and sticker sometimes. Even he made unforgettable mistakes at many games especially in the world cup 1990 but his brand is unforgettable. He did many tricks, scored many goals and did one of the best save in the football history, the scorpion save. Even years passed but people still talking about his remarkable brand.



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I was watching the news when it ends with a report about festival of Twins. It was interesting to see twins from all ages. I Google twins and find that twins are cerebrating twins days every year. At that moment, I was thinking, what is the feeling to have someone looks like you? And how can people differentiate you from your brother or sister? In today’s tough job market, we are struggling to differentiate our self from thousands of jobseekers so having a twin that applying (may be) for the same job can be a problem!

Picture from twinsdays.org

Before sharing my tips, I remembered a story when I was at the primary school in Baghdad, Iraq. Our class soccer team qualified to the final game. One of our defenders is a twin of his brother, he was a key player in the team and did tremendous job. It was the day of the final game and we are well prepared and so was Omar (defender), the game started and we play very good but Omar was not on his day, I was shouting on him a lot as I standing behind him as the goalkeeper, we lost 2-1 and Omar was the reason for two goals! Days passed and accidentally I discovered that Omar had a three leave days for medical treatment and that started from the day before our game! I was shocked how that happened! I knew his brother was in another class! I talked with Omar and he told me the truth, Ali (his brother) was the one who played and not him, he just didn’t want to make the team disappointment playing without him. Despite the loss, it was a courage spirit from Ali and team awareness from Omar, they are great twins.

Here are some personal branding tips that can help you differentiate yourself from your brother or sister and can help people recognize you more quickly. If you are happy being identical twin then just skip this post & enjoy your day 🙂

Be Memorable: Develop a habit that people can remember and distinguish you from your twin. You can have different hair style; you can play sports and become a champion, if you play soccer – you can use tricks and keep doing it at each game; you can play guitar; you can dye your hair with red color and finally don’t do what I’ve just told you about your hair.

Gratitude Everyone: The need for appreciation is a deep subconscious desire of every person you meet. Express gratitude and appreciation whenever possible simply by saying “Thank You”.

“Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; gratitude brings you and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you.” Eileen Caddy

Be Interesting: Dan Schawbel wrote in The Five Laws of Being an Interesting Brand “The more visibility you have, the more your brand can uncover who is interested in you. You need to aggressively promote yourself so that more and more people know about you, therefore you further the chances that people will take interest in you.”


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It is no longer enough to know how to organize your resume content, it is now about how to market your skills, achievements and personality onto a resume that will promote you to employers.

Here are 5 hot tips to create a branded resume for IT specialists:

1 Understand Your Brand: What IT specialty do you want to pursue? Is it security, voice, wireless, service provider, server administration, software developer or something else? Your brand is the promise of an experience that a company will have by hiring you. That promise shows itself by the technical skills you have, Ex: How much $ did you slash from an IT budget? Did you develop a creative solution for managing IT resources? Do you have a leading attitude for managing teams? Once you understand yourself, you can move to the next level.

2 – Create Your Brand: Bingo! Your brand is here. Spend time creating your brand and you will be ahead of the others. There are couple ways to define your unique brand. First, you need to think about what you are doing when you are at your best. Look at the job ads and match what they request for skills in the keywords that define your brand. Second, ask your friend, spouse, co-worker to describe you using only 4-5 words. Ask them to be totally honest and say the first words that come into their mind! The more honest the words are that they say about you, the more unique to you your brand is. Finally, use the online identifier tool, it can be used to gather information related to your brand. Once you have these blocks, you can define your IT resume strategy.

3 – Believe in Your Brand: Before you start selling your IT resume, you must have belief in yourself that your skills, achievements and personality are unique, If you think you are just like any others then you have lost an important factor in nailing your dream job. The IT Industry is one of the biggest career fields and what an IT can achieve in work experience is totally different than other employment. IT personnel are required to solve many diverse problems everyday and there are always more that one solution available to use. IT is a great place to distinguish yourself but it all depends on you.BMC Resume

4 – Sell Your Brand: Your resume should distinguish you from others. The resume you create is your marketing document so to sell yourself well you must market your skills well. If you are struggling with what information to include in your resume, try to compare it to your personal brand statement and see if it illustrates you in action using your keywords and phrases. If the answer is yes, then continue branding. If not, delete that information and brainstorm new keywords. Just a reminder here, let your resume follow Don’t Be Everything to Everyone or no one will invest in you!


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I am a big fan of Micheal Jordan, Roger Federer, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs … and my father!

Have you heard of them? Sure, those are example of powerful personal brands, but did you hear about my father’s brand?

Unless you are from my family or friends then you probably haven’t, and you are missing one of the greatest brand on this universe – My Father’s Brand.

Our fathers are creating a branded people every single day. They are the largest personal branding university for the graduating class of the brand called you. I will share with you here some tiny glimpses of values my father added to my career and how that has created my personal brand that I use now.

My father was an athletic champion and won dozes of competitions in Iraq and Asia. He was a hammer and disc thrower. My father could also fix anything, cars, houses, radio, electric devices, etc.

Passion: My father was passionate about helping every person he knows, and he would spend hours and days under Baghdad’s hot sun to teach hammer throwers how to make the best throws. Abbas Ibrahim was his student, and he broke my father’s record that stood for 19 years. My father was training Abbas to break his record without selfishness.

Consensus: My father always consulted family, relatives and friends with every decision he made. He looks for a consensus to move on, and he studies each point of view for its strength and weakness before coming up with a decision.


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