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It is not new that strong personal brand can play a major success for corporate brands. A human brand is like a leader, people follow and trust what a leader say.

Oprah is great example of famous strong personal brand. Oprah’s Book Club is a place where Word Of Mouth (WoM) spread at the speed of light not  only because its Oprah’s brand but because Oprah gives you why you should buy this book and what was her experience with the book. Its real experience not just a way to get money.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of my favorite football players (soccer in American dictionary), he transferred to Real Madrid from Manchester United in a deal worth €94m (US$132m). Cristiano Ronaldo’s brand is unique and that is enough to attract hundreds of companies for commercial ads but who wins? Yes, who pay more.

The latest Ronaldo’s ad is for Clear Shampoo for men. Ronaldo did the 30C. Ronaldo seconds for $$$ and shows the sport side of him to promote the product but wait? What did he say at the end?

“I Use Clear for Man”, I don’t think Ronaldo used Clear or at least heard about it before but it is matter of how much money he got for making  this commercials. If it is not Clear then it could be any shampoo brands that Ronaldo play the role for so it is not matter of real experience.

I have been using  “Clear” since a year and that’s OK for me. However, I made a survey and asked my friends. Would you buy “Clear” after Ronaldo’s commercial ad?

Most of them reposed with NO! I’m sure millions of people will buy it because Ronaldo’s brand associate with it but people think and they know its just an ad. My point here is that companies can full benefit from commercial’s ad if they just add the real experience for using their products, like Oprah who read the books before giving her recommendation. Its real not acting.

Today, Ronaldo’s posters are placed everywhere in Amman, Jordan. You don’t move 500 meters without seeing him. Taxi drivers said that they are seeing him more than their  family. I wish if Clear used Ronaldo more than just a Robot.

C. Ronaldo


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I watch Kung Fu Panda every time it appears on Show Time Furious Fivechannels, I watched it at the cinema and to be happy, I bought the DVD 🙂

The 20th times I saw it, I realized that Panda has one of the powerful personal brand and a lesson should be learned from the character. I will share some attributes that shows how Panda brand himself to become the legendary dragon worrier.

Passion: Panada (Po) always think big and dream to become one of the furious five, his passion was unlimited and that’s lead him to become what he want to be. Po lives in the future job that was not even possible for him, Po loves Kung Fu and not making noodle.

Believe: Master Oogway believed in Po’s skills and that he will save the Vally. Oogway told Master Shifu that Po cant stop Tai Lung unless he believes in Po because that’s all the power he need to become the dragon worrier. Also, he told him “If we never try, we will not know, he will wiling to do if you guide it.” Po has unique skills, Po has unique brand, he just have to believe.

Persistent: He never give up, he started from Level “0” that wasn’t even exist. Po couldn’t see his toes BUT he persisted to build a brand that fit him into the dragon worrier job. Persistence create inspiration and courage to move on and reach success. The real worrier never quit.

Panada TrainingPresence: He show up when they selected the dragon worrier and show up in each training because his passion, believe and persistent was real. His presence was high and he never hide, that’s lead to prove what Master Oogway said “there are no accidents.”

I will end this post with Po’s father quote. “The secret ingredient of my secret ingredient soup is nothing! To make something special, you just have to BELIEVE it is special.”

Until Next Time … Believe that you are special and opportunities will comes to your doorstep!


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Football, the game that dominates the world.  Millions and millions of people playing Football every second, every hour and every day. Football is a common sport term in the world but in US, people knows football as soccer.

It is not easy at all to be #1 football player in the world, I always imagine a line of millions players standing behind the best player. In order to be  among top  footballers, you have to be recognized in your niche, club and national team.

I chose 3 players whose personal brands are wildly known and memorable. Many fans around the globe use them as a brand model and try to copy their tricks as the POWER of their personal brand as players created their personality as  persons.

1 – Christiano Ronaldo

C. Ronaldo is a Portuguese footballer, FIFA World Player of 2008 highest-paid player in the world, and currently holds the distinction of being the most expensive player in football history after having transferred to Real Madrid from Manchester United in a deal worth €94m (US$132m).

C. RonaldoPeople said it is impossible for C. Ronaldo to be like the legendary Brazilian footballer Ronaldo as the name implies. Only few years and Ronaldo branded his career as distinctive Ronaldo that anyone can recognize the difference between them.

C. Ronaldo use marvelous fast tricks, plays at both sides, scores with both legs, head, and known with his rocket free kicks. C. Ronaldo has all the requirements to stand out. He has unique personal brand and not a copy of anyone else.

2 – Rene Higuita

Historical Colombian goal keeper who made the fans waiting any game for him. He was not just a goal keeper, he was a defender and sticker sometimes. Even he made unforgettable mistakes at many games especially in the world cup 1990 but his brand is unforgettable. He did many tricks, scored many goals and did one of the best save in the football history, the scorpion save. Even years passed but people still talking about his remarkable brand.


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I am a big fan of Micheal Jordan, Roger Federer, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs … and my father!

Have you heard of them? Sure, those are example of powerful personal brands, but did you hear about my father’s brand?

Unless you are from my family or friends then you probably haven’t, and you are missing one of the greatest brand on this universe – My Father’s Brand.

Our fathers are creating a branded people every single day. They are the largest personal branding university for the graduating class of the brand called you. I will share with you here some tiny glimpses of values my father added to my career and how that has created my personal brand that I use now.

My father was an athletic champion and won dozes of competitions in Iraq and Asia. He was a hammer and disc thrower. My father could also fix anything, cars, houses, radio, electric devices, etc.

Passion: My father was passionate about helping every person he knows, and he would spend hours and days under Baghdad’s hot sun to teach hammer throwers how to make the best throws. Abbas Ibrahim was his student, and he broke my father’s record that stood for 19 years. My father was training Abbas to break his record without selfishness.

Consensus: My father always consulted family, relatives and friends with every decision he made. He looks for a consensus to move on, and he studies each point of view for its strength and weakness before coming up with a decision.


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