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Quote Me

I spent a lot of time thinking about writing quotes. Each day on Facebook and Twitter, I’m seeing a lot of them and each one is a lesson because the writer lived in an experience to format that shining deliberate phrase.  I will share a lot of quotes in the future especially for personal branding as it becomes the new code for career development.

Disclaimer: Feel free to use any of these quotes for personal or business purposes, as long as you cite my full name.

“ Only personal momentum will create an obtainable goal. ”

“ Passion is the fuel towards prosperous career. ”

“ It’s never too late to fulfill your dreams, whether you cerebrating the 40th birthday or reach the retirement age. ”

“ Failure creates many shortcuts to success. ”

“ Jobseekers is a transit period where the poor personal brand stay waiting and the strong one take off immediately. ”

“ It’s not about the number of certifications you own, it’s all about the knowledge behind them. ”

“ Those with strong personal brand have a passion to add value to the lives of others. ”

“ When you Believe in YOU, YOU will find everything. ”

“ Those who percepts each step are always a head of others. ”

“ If you build a unique personal brand, the success will follow you. ”



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