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This is a response to Carlos Miceli’s post on Owl Sparks: Prison, Fear, and Personal Branding

Carlos start the post with:

“Let’s skip all the positive things about social media that have been mentioned countless times, and criticize it for a change:

Social media is a prison.

I like the post including  the title, discussion, and Carlos’s reminder that social media is a prison.

I wrote an article before few days Your Life History is Not Private Anymore! and here is part of it:

Everything you do online is archived: on social networks, bulletin boards, websites and Google’s constantly growing collection pages. People will get the first impression about you by what your Google results say. Strong results provide credibility when searched by potential employers or clients. YOU are the one who is leaving a trail behind that everyone will see and judge you on. It’s not late to be careful, deliberate and safe.

To: Carlos and million of people around the world.

We are living in web 2.0 age and we are learning new things every single day, I wasn’t on Twitter before 1 year, I wasn’t on Facebook before 2 years, I wasn’t using Internet before 10+ years. Today, we are bounded by policies and most of them are restricting our online activities. Add to that, we, the IT team will happily 🙂 do our job by blocking some websites and preventing access to Internet messengers.

Is that a prison?

Yes, it is.


Carlos said:

I blame all those Personal Branding blogs. Because of them, we are afraid. Afraid of being honest and direct. Afraid of being human.

OK, if you hear a personal branding expert telling you: Dont, Dont and Dont, then DO NOT CALL  HIM/HER AN EXPERT. Personal branding isn’t here to fear or tremble you and we aren’t here to promote ‘Dont.’

Personal Branding is about being YOU, about being authentic and being the real human. I’m the first person to dis-follow anyone who tweet like a machine and hide any friend that share the same status on all social networks. Sorry, but I need to see the human side of YOU. We all are engaging in virtual communication so being YOU is the only way to makes our life good and keep the human’s conversation else we are a robots.

Personal Branding guru William Arruda said “Personal Branding is Permission to be Yourself.”

Personal Branding isn’t a nightmare that will cause you to stay awake or the evil that documenting your online activities. YOU are the one who is blogging your life in non erasable disks that are hidden somewhere in the world. Personal Branding want YOU to make the difference in your activities and at the same time warn you that a stupid picture or harassment comment could be used against you one day. I’m sure Carlos and all who is reading this post want to have a unique and memorable personal brand. We cant achieve that brand without hard work, commitment and adding formal flavor to most of our online activities but don’t have the fear to have fun or being YOU. The fear comes when you become someone else. Why? because people will see and know you are fake.

At the end, it is up to YOU to stay in the prison but personal branding here to liberate you from the prison. Thats it, being YOU.


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Today, I Interviewed Margaret Meloni, Margaret is a project Margaret  Melonimanagement guru and the founder of Meloni Coaching Solutions, Inc. In her more than 18 years in corporate America which included roles in Fortune 500 management, Margaret Meloni observed how individuals who learned to cope with conflict succeeded and recognized their full potential, while others became road blocked.

You can connect with her via @Facebook @Twitter @LinkedIn

Here is part 1 of the brand conversation.
Mohammed: There are millions of projects and thousands of thousands project managers, How can one project manager be remembered and chosen from many project managers to manage $1B project? What personal brand attributes he/she needs to be unique?
Margaret: It is true there are many project managers. But each of us brings our own unique perspective and way of being to the table. For example, there are project managers you call to rescue troubled projects; there are project managers you call when the team needs a leader who is more people oriented and sometimes we need a leader who has a more militaristic style. When I meet you and you tell me you are an IT project manager, that is just part of the mix. You are more than just a job description. So I urge each of you to get in touch with your own inner brand, the part of you that separates you from the pack. Your inner brand translates to what you want people to see in you and what you want to hear people say about you. It all starts by you being clear about your character.

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I inspired this post after reading Chris Brogan’s post about Three Changes I Wish Facebook Would Make I have come across more things that I wish Facebook would add or do it differently. I couldn’t find a way to contact  Facebook directly for suggestions so If you know, please pass it to them or let me know how in the comment box.

Four Changes I Wish Facebook Would Make

1 If I like a status or link to informative resources, I have either to retweet it immediately or bookmark the link for future reading. A small favorite icon will  let us have a great hub of resources on the Facebook network.


2 – Add two security questions  to answer prior to change Facebook password or Email. In case your Email, Facebook account  or Fan page compromised, no one will able to change your password and your account can be restored back at any time.

3 – Sometimes I have question but as soon as I update my status, the question went down and I have to write it again. I would recommend to add re-publish or a stick bottom for status update to keep the status at the top no matter how many times I change my status.


4 – One time I had around 20 notifications for a photo I commented on,  it was a chat between two of  my friends and that continued for 3 days! It is OK to get notifications but it annoying sometimes. I would suggest adding “Stop Tracking Notifications” for each notification I get involved in.

What do you think? Do you need those things on your Facebook profile?

Have a Great Day!


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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

موضوع اليوم اعتبره الاهم في حياتنا اذا اردنا ان نتواصل بايجابية مع محيطنا، ساعطيكم مقدمة بسيطة للموضوع.

اظهرت دراسة حديثة ان اقتصاد الولايات المتخدة خسر في عام ٢٠٠٦ ما لايقل عن ٦٥٠ مليار دولار بسبب تشتت انتباه الموظفين وفقدانهم التركيز من جراء سيل المعلومات التي تعترضهم عبر البريد الالكتروني ومواقع العمل الالكترونية.

من جهة اخرى يقول خبراء ادارة المشاريع ان الاتصال Communications يشكل مانسبته %٩٠ من وقت مدير المشروع سواء كان الاتصال في اجتماع او اتصال تلفوني او بريد الكتروني او وقته في ميدان المشروع وغيره.


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