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I am a big fan of Micheal Jordan, Roger Federer, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs … and my father!

Have you heard of them? Sure, those are example of powerful personal brands, but did you hear about my father’s brand?

Unless you are from my family or friends then you probably haven’t, and you are missing one of the greatest brand on this universe – My Father’s Brand.

Our fathers are creating a branded people every single day. They are the largest personal branding university for the graduating class of the brand called you. I will share with you here some tiny glimpses of values my father added to my career and how that has created my personal brand that I use now.

My father was an athletic champion and won dozes of competitions in Iraq and Asia. He was a hammer and disc thrower. My father could also fix anything, cars, houses, radio, electric devices, etc.

Passion: My father was passionate about helping every person he knows, and he would spend hours and days under Baghdad’s hot sun to teach hammer throwers how to make the best throws. Abbas Ibrahim was his student, and he broke my father’s record that stood for 19 years. My father was training Abbas to break his record without selfishness.

Consensus: My father always consulted family, relatives and friends with every decision he made. He looks for a consensus to move on, and he studies each point of view for its strength and weakness before coming up with a decision.



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